Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weight Loss Journey Day 2: A bump in the road

I started out this morning with the best of intentions. Or at least I intended to.

An early morning argument with my husband left me feeling more depressed then usual and my motivation was lacking to say the least.

With a heavy heart I pulled out my Wii Fit Balance Board and started my activities for the day.

I was only able to get thru 4 short exercises before I shut the Wii off and decided to seek my solace elsewhere...

In food.

I am an emotional eater. Always have been. I eat like I haven't eaten in weeks when I am stressed or depressed or angry or sad.

It has been a constant battle.

An uphill one at that.

I seek out food for comfort. Maybe because I don't get it anywhere else?

Ok enough of the psyc0-analytical crud.

Seriously though, this is a weakness that I cannot seem to over come. It is a viscous cycle that I cannot seem to break. I get upset, I eat, I then feel bad that I caved therefore leading to more stress and sadness which leads to more eating...

Catch my drift here?

One of my many goals in self improvement is to learn that food is not an acceptable way to relieve stress. Well it could be, if I ate right. But lets face it, when we are seeking out comfort through food, health is the last thing on our minds

So today was a wash. I did end up drowning my sadness in ice cream and pizza.

Tomorrow I promise I will work twice as hard...

I swear on my dish of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

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