Monday, August 3, 2009

Motivation Monday...

Or lack thereof...

It is almost 2pm and I am just now sitting down to write my first blog of the day. When the month of August rolled around, I promised myself that I would be more productive during my day. Meaning more online networking and blogging, and being more productive around the house as well.

I have been struggling with some issues that have made this a bit difficult. The main one

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to anything. I tend to sabatoge myself. I start out with the best of intentions, I set the bar high, perhaps to high. And thus when I don't reach my goals, I feel like I have failed.

My motivation has gone out the window it seems. Especially since the birth of Noah. Between his sleepless nights and my busy days, my energy to do anything other then sit on the couch has gone away.

That has created a snowball effect in my house. My lack of motivation has led to my diminished moods, which has led to me not taking care of the things that need to be taken care of which has led to complete chaos in my house. Which leads to more stress for me.

Did I mention that young children seem to thrive on chaos? Chaos breeds Chaos I suppose.

Each day I tell myself that "today will be different" but by the time my head hits the pillow, I realize that the day was no different then the one before it and the one before that.

I have been forced to take a hard look at myself. And I realize that "garbage in=garbage out"

My frame of mind sets me up for failure, so no matter how hard I try to succeed, I am not going to because that is what is already in my head.

So today will be THE day I do something different. I will celebrate my accomplishments no matter how small. I will forget about what I didn't do and instead focus on what I did do.

I can do this, and I know that if i should stumble along the way...its ok....

more then likely it was a kids toy that tripped me up

Melissa :-)


  1. I find myself ALWAYS thinking, "tomorrow I'll do X Y and Z" Then tomorrow comes, and well the cycle continues. Keep your chin up! Four kids is lots to keep up with!

  2. I think you are doing awesome. 4 kids, trying to lose weight and find time to work out on the Wii, blogging frequently, etc. You are doing awesome!!


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