Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't Make Me Call Supernanny...

Having 4 children, 2 of them toddlers, one a newborn makes life, a bit....interesting. Usually my days start being woke by either the baby fussing (although as of late, his normal pattern is to sleep interminitly until 4am then fuss non stop until 930am). If it isn't the baby, then it is the sound of Nucular Warfare being unleashed the floor below me in the boys room.

That just starts the day. Once they are up stairs, the chaos continues, one needs a diaper change, one is hungry, one is playing in the toliet and one is jumping off the arm of the couch...again.

I seriously need SuperNanny...and stat.

I watch the show occasionally. Some of the familes are...well...out there. But most of them reflect my family life in some form or another. Scary, I know.

Do I really want SuperNanny in my house though? I mean is she going to lecture me on setting boundries when she sees the massive amount of crayon marks on the boys wall? (Listen lady, if it keeps them from coloring on my things or themselves, so be it..walls can be painted) I can hear her critiquing my parenting skills when my 3 year old yells "Damnit Mommy" from the other room and I snicker because..well because it is so damn cute. (And I might have taught him that one too). And I am sure she will sigh in disgust when she sees that my house is anything BUT clean. Its chaotic, there is clutter that I haven't gotten rid of in ages, dishes in the sink..maybe I need FlyLady not think?

But my children are alive...for now. And my house while chaotic is still a home. I think...maybe it is just a dumping ground for unused, unplayed with toys, clothes that are too big or too small and paper...I haven't decided yet.

Seriously though, I want to call SuperNanny...I am looking for the number online as we speak. I tell my 7 year old, remember that mean Nanny you don't like on Tv? I am calling her. Pick up your toys or I will call supernanny!!

He looks at me with a look that says "yea, right"

I am serious!! Don't make me call Supernanny

"Do it mom...its always the parents that get in trouble anyways..."

Yea, I created this monster and when I try to tame it...doesn't go so well does it.

Supernanny I need your help

And if you can't come.....

Could you atleast send Jose Cuervo?

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