Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Things...

After receiving some "not so nice" criticism regarding my blog, I thought that I would make some changes.

Now I am not one to let things get to me. Opinions are like....well you know the rest.

So, anyways as I was saying, I thought that I would take this chance and re-do a few things on my blog. When I started this blog, I was "green" when it came to blogging. I didn't have a clue what to do. As my blog has evolved, so has my knowledge and my sense of direction.

I am proud of my blog as it is a huge piece of me. I put everything I have into my blog. I want to see it grow by leaps and bounds and reach new heights.

So over the course of the next week, be on the look out for some new things including:

*Picture of the Day: This is to tie in my photography blog
*Not Me Monday's (or Not my Child Mondays)
*Totally Random Thoughts Tuesdays....

and much much more.

I will also be introducing a newsletter that will be available for email every 2 weeks, product reviews, giveaways and more

I thank you all for being such great readers, and hope you enjoy the new changes that are coming to Crayons In My Dryer!

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