Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beer Bottles and Babies

I have the luck (insert massive sarcassam here) of living in a college town. Which in and of itself wouldn't be so intolerable, if I didn't live blocks from Campus (Seriously, I can see the football stadium from my porch).

And since I live in a college town, near campus, law dictates that my neigboors to the north,south east and west be none other kids. Drunk college kids. Drunk college kids who like to party. Everynight. Drunk college kids who scream for their runaway dogs at 4 am (you can read that story here).

Last school year, it wasn't too bad. The only drunks I had to deal with were the guys whose dog ran away. They had parties, but only on the weekends and not anywhere near what happened last night. Granted, their cars blocked our driveways on numerous occasions. But at least they kept their parties and drunkeness indoors. And off my property. (Insert a yelling Mr. Nevercracker from Monster house!!!)

Noah, my 2 month old son, has been fussy lately. Well, that is putting it mildly. Let's just say he is making sure no one in the tri-county area is getting any sleep,unless his needs have been met. Have you ever tried to please a 2 month old. You can't. Ever.

Last night was a particularly rough night. We had spent the afternoon wandering a local carnival with my brother and his girlfriend. Schlepping the kids from one ride to another. A good time was definately had. However, I think the sheer massiveness of the carnival and the noise and the people and the smells just caused poor Noah's sensory system to go into overload. Once we were home he cried and screamed until his little face turned a pecuilar shade of red. All nigh. For hours. Before falling asleep in my arms while the adult people played Mario Party on the Wii.

By 10pm my guests had dispersed, the baby was snuggled in his swing, blissfully sleeping. I sunk into bed, hoping to grab a little bit of sleep before the baby woke to be changed and fed.


"Did you hear that?" my husband asked

"Yeah, what the heck was it"

The baby is begining to stir at this point

"The girls in the townhome next to us and the guys in the one across the driveway are throwing beer bottles at eachothers houses"

"What? Should I call the police?"

I am looking out the window at this time and my eyes are greeted by no fewer then 15 college kids roaming between the houses, and throwing beer cans and bottles at their houses. Thinking of the fact that my car is parked in the driveway and the fact that any broken glass would end up embedded in my car tires or worse my child's feet, I called the non-emergency number for our local police.

Now, I am not one to run and call the police at the first sign of drunken debuachery. But this happens. All the time. They are loud. They park 2-3 deep in the common drive, making it impossible to get out. They run between the townhomes yelling and screaming at all hours of the night. I bit my tounge, but last night was just going to far.

By this time, they had gotten louder as their "game" continued. Noah is awake. Again. You wake the baby and you have hell to pay, thats all I am saying.

The police arrive, the neighboors pretend they aren't home. Luckily our law enforcement aren't that stupid and wait for someone to come out. I am watching in the windows, talking to my sister in law on the phone, waiting...I wanna see someone get arrested.

No one gets arrested. The cops leave. The drunken party ensues. Until 3am. During which no fewer then 20 drunk college kids come and go. Noisily, I might add.

The baby starts fussing.


And, like many nights before this,

I am kept awake by a fussy baby and the coming and goings of the neighboors.

And, like many nights before this,

My husband sleeps...blissfully unaware that as he snoozes I am wondering how much it would cost to hire a hit man....

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  1. Oh, that stinks. NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY. I would've called the cops too. BTW - love the monster house reference :)


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