Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Resolutions...

I got the idea for this post from Brandy at Happily Blended (you should stop by and say Hi!!)

In just about 29 hours (I am in CST here) 2009 will be gone. But certainly not forgotten. And we will be welcoming in a brand new year. well I might be sleeping at that point....

I always set resoultions for myself. And I always ditch them. I have never seemed to be able to find the "resolve" to stick with the resolutions I have made as the new year rolls in. I guess, for me, making resolutions is just one of those things that you feel like you have to do just, well...because.

That is not the case for 2010.

After taking stock of things that happened or did not happen in 2009, I have realized that it is time to "own" what I say. No more empty "this year I am gonna...." Nope. This time I am going to hold myself accountable.

So, just what are my resolutions for the new year?

*I want to be more organized. Seriously, having to hunt for tennis shoes 3 minutes before the bus comes for not cutting it any more (and while I am at it...I am going to start making his lunches the night more rushing)

*I want to take better care of ME. Moms as a whole, tend to put themselves on the back burner. I have always done that. Not because I had to, but because I feel that, as a wife and wahm, that I should be putting the kids and my husband first. I have totally negelcted to take care of me. So, starting in the new year, I am going to get my dental work done, get my ear fixed and find out why I am exhausted all the time, yet cannot sleep. I am also going to loose weight...and lots of it. (more on that in a later post)

*I am going to take my business to the next level. I am blessed, that after months of searching and countless tears, that I have found a great fit for me. It is enabling me to work at home and make a good chunk of change. My goal is to be able to replace my unemployment that runs out in a few months.

* I am going to make it a point to post here more. I love my blog. I love the connections I have made with my blog. I am going to be more "socially active".

One of the biggest resolutions that i have for 2010 is that I am going to work on my marriage. Over the last year, my husband and I have had some huge fights. Mostly about stupid things. Our marriage shows signs of the battles we have waged against eachother. Starting now I want to work on making things right. I love my husband. I don't want to imagine life without him.

2009 has been both good and bad. But I wouldn't change the experiences for anything.

What will your resolutions be in 2010?

Monday, December 28, 2009

So, I am staying...

here that is. After much "look at me, I am moving!!!" I have chosen to stay right here after all.


Well to begin with, Wordpress would NOT let me move all my followers from here to there. I am sure that it is an easy task, but being one that does NOT have patience, I got mad and couldn't figure it out.

Then there was the whole "finding a theme that works" for me thing. I am picky. With a capital "P". I have to have my fonts set to a certain type and size. The added widgets and such have to look just right. And I wasn't finding anything that was really making me happy. (I am sure that I could have had a theme designed for me..but I don't have the money or the patience, to have one done to my specifications.)

Thirdly, a few (ok more like 5 or 6 but I am not counting) months back, I won a complete blog makeover from Jennisa, who designed Mckmama's blog. I am not talking about a simple template. I won one of the larger blog design packages from Jennisa.

And after waiting for my name to come up on her list, (she's a busy woman) she emailed me just before Christmas to say "hey, guess what...its almost your turn" I was a giddy a kid. I have been looking forward to this day for forever.

So, I am staying (the fact that my package wouldn't work with Wordpress sealed the deal). I am totally excited about the new look for Crayons In My Dryer and cannot wait to reveal it all to you when it is done.

Looking forward to the new year!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

The presents are nearly wrapped...

Baking almost done (well it would be done if the damn thing didn't fall apart)

Kids already asking if Santa is coming tonight...

I am looking forward to the next day and half. Steve has to work until one tomorrow, then we are off to my dad's house for the evening. I love spending time with everyone there. We don't do it often enough.

Friday we open gifts here, then take my oldest to his dads, then spend the day with my brother and mom after stopping at my dads in the morning.

It is alot of driving...

But I love it.

So, tonight I am wrapping up loose ends, making sure projects are done and deadlines are met.

Because for the next 2 days I will be scarce..

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Super easy (and really, really good) Spritz Cookies

My husband used to work with this guy who was a chef (I am still wondering how you go from chef to managment at Wal-Mart?) and he was always sharing yummy ideas with my husband, who would then pass them off to me, because, well I like to cook (though Martha Stewart I am not) My kids love these cookies and I make them often.

Here is what you need
1 box of cake mix (You can use any flavor, my favorite: Strawberry)
4 Sticks of butter
2 3/4 cups of flour

Here is what you do:
Preheat your oven to 350
Take 2 sticks of butter and melt them in the microwave (one minute) then take it out of the microwave and put the other 2 sticks in the melted butter until they are soft (about 3 to 5 minutes)
Mix all your ingredients together well ( A mixer comes in handy for this)
Drop by the teaspoonful onto a greased cookie sheet
Bake for about 10-12 minutes. Until the tops are slightly browned.

This makes about 24 cookies.


Some things I just don't talk about...

Most times, if someone asks me "So, how are things going?" I will force a smile and say "things are good". And for the most part...things are good. But, there are days that things aren't so good...these are things that I don't talk about.

I don't like to talk about my "problems". I am, for the most part, a fairly private person. There are maybe one or two people that I will talk to, that I feel comfortable talking to about things. But the rest, well I don't share. Not because I don't want to...but I have this inherent fear of being judged.

15 years ago, my parents got a divorce. This divorce ripped our family apart. 15 years and people on both sides of the family still talk bad about the other. But it is my mom who gets most the slack. And I don't really think that it is fair.

No one really knows the whole story. Not even me, and I am their child. And that is ok. What I do know is that my mom made a very difficult choice 15 years ago. She should not have to answer to anyone,other than herself and to God, about that choice.

Now, I am in the same boat she was 15 years ago. My marriage is at that point where you start to wonder if it is really worth it anymore. But I don't talk about it. I don't talk about because I see the reaction, 15 years later, to my parents divorce. I hear the bad things that are said about my mom. I don't want to be on that side of the conversation.

So. I don't talk about it.

I wish that I could. I wish that I could open up and say "look, I tried, but my marriage is failing." But, without a doubt, I will be reminded of my responsibility. Yes, I have four kids... I know that. But is it fair to stay in a marriage just for them? My parents were not happy together in the years leading up to their divorce.

But. I don't talk about that.

I don't want my kids to feel the same pain that my brother and I both felt some 15 years ago. I don't want them to have to feel like they need to choose sides or that they need to have a parent whom they are loyal too.

So. I won't talk about it.

What I will talk about though is this...

Marriage takes work. My husband and I have had fights that would make you cringe. They have been loud. And at times they have been mean. We have resorted to grade-school behavior. Calling eachother names and putting eachother down in general. It has been nearly 4 years since we took our vows. And each day is work. We have to work to make our marriage strong. I have learned over the years that marriage is alot like a plant...if you turn your back on it, neglect dies. But if you nuture it, love it and tend to it, it will more then likely thrive.

So, where does that leave us? Where does that leave me? Well, recently we decided that we would wait until after the holidays to decide what it is we are going to do. But to be completely honest...I think we are going to stay together. Neither one of us has done anything worthy of leaving the other over. We fight...but I think with some counseling and some patience, that could change.

But, like I said...

Somethings, I just don't talk about. ;)

It's all up to me...

This year is coming to a close. And while I could sit here and say "Thank goodness it is over" I won't. Why? Because, every single thing that happend this year, from money issues to my marriage crumbling under the stress, to dealings with the ex, to the birth of my son...all of it happened for a reason. Reguardless of if I could see it at that time or not.

To be fair, I did spend alot of time playing the "poor me" card. And what did it get me? Nothing. The only purpose that it had was to make me even more depressed and more withdrawn. I sure as heck didn't feel better.

As this year ends and a new one begins, I am left to wonder what 2010 will hold for me? Will my marriage survive? (I am starting to think so) Will this nasty court battle with my ex finally be over? (I am starting to think not)? Will I find success in my chosen career path?

I want to know these things. I want to know that everything is going to be ok. That things will go the way they are supposed to.

But I know that I can't. I can't know these thing. I am not supposed to know these things. It is going through them that makes me stronger.

Will I succeed? I hope so. So much is at stake. But there is only one person that I can hold accountable for my success...or my failure...

And that is me.

It is all up to me to make 2010 the year that I want it to be.

So will 2010 be the best year yet?

I like to think so.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

If you are following me here...

If you could please, pretty please, just click on this link and follow my blog at it's new home? For some reason, google friend connect hates me and I cannot transfer y'all over there.

I hope to see you there....(please :) )

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am moving...

Well, my blog,that is. After much consideration and contemplation (along with a few swear words thrown in because I could not figure out how the heck to make Wordpress work) I am going to be packing up the boxes and moving on over to

Moving to Wordpress is a big step for me, especially since I have to pay for hosting. To me, moving to a pay to host site is a huge step because it means that I am finally at a point with my blog that I can do this. And I am happy. It means that I am succeeding at what I love to do.

I hope that if you are following me here, you will follow me there. For the next week or so, I may continue to post here as I am still working out some bugs with my site, but it is live right now. So look for me there.

This is a very exciting time for me as I am unveiling new projects and have a ton of stuff in the works. This is just one of my projects.

Don't forget to follow me!!!

Tassimo Beverage Maker Product Review

(*I recieved a Tassimo Beverage Maker Machine in conjunction with Sheblogs and Tassimo to use and review. My opinions are my own and have not been influenced by Tassimo or Sheblogs)

I have been eyeing those "one cup" hot beverage makers for a while. I always tell my husband "I want one of those...please??" He always chuckles and says ok.

Recently, through, I was able to recieve a Tassimo Hot Beverage Maker for free to use and review. I was excited before I even got the dang thing.

The Tassimo brewer, developed and designed by Kraft foods and manufactured by Bosch, lets consumers , make delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espressos and cup at a time.

Once it finally arrived (
thanks to the postman who left it on my porch...IN THE SNOW!!! ) I cleared of a space on my counter for the newest of my kitchen appliances.

The machine itself was quiet easy to set up. One of the things that I liked about this model was that it came with a water-filtration system in the water tank. You only have to replace the filter every 8 weeks. It comes with 2 filters and when you need more, you can either order them direct or go to a local retailer that sells the product.

Once I got the machine set up, it was time to select which beverage I would try first (and yes I tried almost all of them within 24 hours...I was wired on caffiene for days). Tassimo was kind enough to send me: Gevalia Coffee, Chai Tea Latte, Starbucks Cappucino Primo, Starbucks Cafe Verona coffee and Milka Hot Chocolate.

One of the cool things about this machine is that it contains a microprocessor (no, I don't know what
that is) that reads the printed barcodes on each T-Disc to automatically calculate the correct water amount, temperature and brewing time for each beverage. Each beverage takes about 60 seconds to make, and it is ready for the next cup immediately.

I love my machine. I use it daily, sometimes multiple times a day.

Want one of your own? Of course you do!!! Visit the tassimo website today and order yours. It make a great gift for any coffee lover on your list!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's not easy.

I have tried to maintain a somewhat positive attitude. Because, let's face it, negativity only breeds negativity, and the more I thought negative thoughts, the more negative things seemed to appear.

I am not perfect, nor have I ever claimed to be. I get mad over the dumbest things, I let things negatively affect me when I should just turn the other cheek, I loose my patients, and find myself snapping at my husband or the kids. And I always feel worse after. But I am trying.

Because of this, my emotional well-being has suffered as well. I have spent days feeling hopeless and not in control of things. I have been neglecting the things that once made me happy, blogging, writing, photography. Everything just seemed so hopeless. But I am trying.

I took a look at things. Took stock, if you will, and realized that there is no tangiable reason for me to feel the way that I feel. This is all my doing. My fault.

A friend once told me "Joy is your birthright." and until now, I never gave it much thought. Sure, joy is my birthright, but it doesn't mean I am actually going to get it, right? Wrong.

By choosing not to be happy, whether I realized it or not, I was never going to be happy.

So today, I am making an honest effort. No more excuses. No more "why me?" I am going to choose to be happy.

And I am not just going to say it...I am going to own it.

I. Will.Be.Happy

No excuses

Imagine the possibilities!!!

MckMama recently got her hands on a new computer. I am jealous, just slightly. Being in the market for a new computer, I have been eyeballing this particular computer for ages. But alas, my husband refuses to spend that much on a new computer (never mind hes been eyeballing those 2 grand Alienware gaming computers for sometime now).

But, it appears maybe the computer god's are smiling on me (either that or smirking at me because I am drooling over a computer) and MckMama has been given a brand new HP TouchSmart Computer to give-away to her readers. How cool is that??

Wanna get your hands on this computer? The hop on over to Mckmama's site and enter the giveaway. It ends Christmas Eve!!

Giving back this holiday season

Twittermoms asked us: How do you plan on giving back this holiday season?

As a family of 6 living on one income, it is hard sometimes to give as much as I would like to. Some of the ways I do plan on giving back this season are:

1.)Commit to putting one dollar in the Salvation Army kettles every time.
2.)Participate with my son and his cubscouts as they hand out handmade ornaments at the nursing home this year
3.)Donate all my kids outgrown clothing and toys to Goodwill. My kids often out grow things before I even get to take the tags off.
4.) Encourage my children to help others when they can. Even if it is just listening to a friend who is going through a hard time.

This holiday season you can help as well. For each purchase of RobeezeSoft Sole shoes purchased from the Robeez website, Stride Rite will donate that pair to the K.I.D.S (Kids In Distressed Situations) organization through Decemeber 23rd 2009.K.I.D.S brings hope and self-esteem to children in need and their families by providing new clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, books and juvenile products donated by leading manufacturers and retailers.

So, purchase a pair like this ,which happens to be one of my favorites, and Stride Rite will donate that pair to the KIDS organization.

It's a great way to give back while finishing your gift shopping!!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do I get my kids to sleep?

Twittermoms asked us: How do you get your child to sleep? I almost had to laugh. Sleep? What exactly is sleep?

As a mom of 4 kids, only one of whom willingly puts himself to bed, I have had to adapt some sure-fire tips to get the kiddos to bed before midnight.

One thing is I let them pick out their own pjs. Nothing ruins a well planned bedtime quicker then a toddler meltdown because she wants a certain princess pj...No NOT THAT ONE!!!! (Check out to see how you can win a years worth of Pajamas!!!)
Lights out! I have found with the lights off, no nightlights ( I leave the hall light on for late night trips to the bathroom) they fall asleep and stay asleep better

A consistent nap and bed time. It doesn't matter if it is a school night or not. The kids go to bed at the same time everynight. They take a nap around the same time every day.

They each have a favorite blanket or toy they sleep with.

If they get out of bed, then I just put them back in. I try not to engage in a conversation or anything with them.

While bed time still is tough, it is getting easier.

Now if they would stop yelling through the walls at eachother, life would be grand!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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