Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do I get my kids to sleep?

Twittermoms asked us: How do you get your child to sleep? I almost had to laugh. Sleep? What exactly is sleep?

As a mom of 4 kids, only one of whom willingly puts himself to bed, I have had to adapt some sure-fire tips to get the kiddos to bed before midnight.

One thing is I let them pick out their own pjs. Nothing ruins a well planned bedtime quicker then a toddler meltdown because she wants a certain princess pj...No NOT THAT ONE!!!! (Check out to see how you can win a years worth of Pajamas!!!)
Lights out! I have found with the lights off, no nightlights ( I leave the hall light on for late night trips to the bathroom) they fall asleep and stay asleep better

A consistent nap and bed time. It doesn't matter if it is a school night or not. The kids go to bed at the same time everynight. They take a nap around the same time every day.

They each have a favorite blanket or toy they sleep with.

If they get out of bed, then I just put them back in. I try not to engage in a conversation or anything with them.

While bed time still is tough, it is getting easier.

Now if they would stop yelling through the walls at eachother, life would be grand!

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  1. very good tips...bed time can be hard especially if they are getting out of bed.


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