Monday, December 28, 2009

So, I am staying...

here that is. After much "look at me, I am moving!!!" I have chosen to stay right here after all.


Well to begin with, Wordpress would NOT let me move all my followers from here to there. I am sure that it is an easy task, but being one that does NOT have patience, I got mad and couldn't figure it out.

Then there was the whole "finding a theme that works" for me thing. I am picky. With a capital "P". I have to have my fonts set to a certain type and size. The added widgets and such have to look just right. And I wasn't finding anything that was really making me happy. (I am sure that I could have had a theme designed for me..but I don't have the money or the patience, to have one done to my specifications.)

Thirdly, a few (ok more like 5 or 6 but I am not counting) months back, I won a complete blog makeover from Jennisa, who designed Mckmama's blog. I am not talking about a simple template. I won one of the larger blog design packages from Jennisa.

And after waiting for my name to come up on her list, (she's a busy woman) she emailed me just before Christmas to say "hey, guess what...its almost your turn" I was a giddy a kid. I have been looking forward to this day for forever.

So, I am staying (the fact that my package wouldn't work with Wordpress sealed the deal). I am totally excited about the new look for Crayons In My Dryer and cannot wait to reveal it all to you when it is done.

Looking forward to the new year!!!

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  1. I was looking for you at your new Glad to know where you are now. I agree with you. It's very time consuming when you're building your blog. Maybe that's because I'm learning this all on my own. I'm excited to hear about your new makeover. Sometimes that's all we have to do is make some changes around the house & our house looks new again. Excited about the great reveal


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