Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back To School, Back To School

The flyer's in the Sunday paper. The throngs of frustrated mothers with tired kids in tow. The arguments with sibilings over which backpack is better, Hannah Montana or The Jonas Brothers.

Yep, its that time of year. A mother's who has been couped up with restless children all summer favorite time of year. The time of year retailers sing with joy because school supplies just get more expensive each year (8 bucks for 2 pkgs of dry erase markers...seriously??)

Back To School!!! Summer has come to an end, and while we will miss the lazy summer days at the beach, quiet picnics in the park, mornings of sleeping in....wait a minute, I don't know about you, but in MY house, that didn't happen.
For most of us, our summers were spent schlepping kids from one activity to the next, trying to apply sunscreen to a screaming toddler,swatting mosquitos, endless bbqing,refereeing fights between summers, keeping one eye on the calendar and silently (or not so silently) counting down the days.

"2 more weeks..then I don't have to deal with you all day" I said to my son, just this morning, eliciting a stream of tears...."I dont want to go to school...why dont you want me here anymore mommy?" Simply put dear child of mine...3 months of confiment with you and your brothers and sister has made mommy insane.

I have already finished my school shopping this year. I learned last year, after a physical confrontation over a package of markers, just how hazardous to my health waiting until the last moment can be. Already stressed out moms are pushed to the brink as they sift thru piles of folders trying to find "the one" that their child has to have. The moms find themselves in the trenches of the school supply aisle,while their husbands wait on the outside...they are smart enough to know to not get in the way of a mom who is trying to find the last neon pink crayon box...not that color pink mommy...for their daughter.

Is it just me or is the whole school supply industry out to turn us against eachother? I have seen even the nicest and quietest moms turn into medusa over a crayon box...its a 64 cent crayon box, surely there are worse things to deal with?

Ahh, its my favorite time of year, really. School supply shopping ranks right up there with black friday shopping, you dont want to do it, but you just HAVE to...who knows what kinda deals you will miss.

My advice: Shop early. Buy in bulk. Wal-mart has great prices on all of the basics that your kid will need for school. I bought notebooks for 15 cents. I think I spent less then $50.00 for all the school supplies including the John Cena backpack he just "HAD to have mom". The only thing left on my list are gym shoes. I was done shopping back at the begining of the month or the end of last month.

Waiting to the last minute to get that pack of markers you forgot earlier...

Not the best of ideas, but hey if you are looking for some amusement, be my guest...just remember I warned you about the frazzled mother with 3 kids in tow hell bent on getting those markers before you.

Happy BTS shopping


  1. I started school shopping the day they got out of school... I walked out of the schools ASKING WHEN THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL was! I was done from minute one.

    I so feel ya!

  2. LOL, you sure did describe it to a T!


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