Friday, August 28, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake...and other random musings

So today, we are walking thru Wal-mart when one of their endcaps catch my eye. Is that...Strawberry Shortcake???

I go over and yes, by golly, it is Strawberry Shortcake. I turn to my husband and say "I had these dolls when I was little"

He just rolls his eyes.

Then it happens...

I remember...THEY SMELL!!!! Or at least they used to..

Wonder if they still smell now??

And in case you were wondering...

They do!!

I was that mom at the end of the aisle, reliving my childhood by smelling Strawberry Shortcake and her friends...

Every single package.

My husband, rolling his eyes and pretending I was not his wife.

My birthday is coming fact its one week from today. I have decided that I am not getting older. Or atleast thats what I say.

Old? Me? Pshaw!!! I refuse to get older...

What comes in the mail today?

A birthday card from my mommy

And an advertisment from Bath and Body works...

Offering me $10 off my next purchase....

Of Anti-Aging products

Happy Birthday to Me!!
My husband has told me several times, to watch my mouth around the kids.

This after A decided to yell "Damnit Mommy" in the store, drawing looks of disdain from other parents.

What do you mean it isn't normal for a 3 year old to say damnit?

The other day, A was downstairs, supposed to be napping, but instead is beating at his door.

I go to the top of the stairs...

"A!!! Go to sleep..NOW"

"No mommy"

"Quit beating on the door and go to bed or I am going to beat your ass!!"

Did I really just say that outloud.

The beating on the door stops...

Then I hear it...

"No, mommy...I beat YOUR ass"

Never a dull moment in my house...ever

If there was a mother of the year award, I would soooo be a nominee...seriously

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