Friday, August 21, 2009

In The Begining

The year is 1998. June 6th to be exact. It is raining. I am standing in line to get my highschool diploma. I am graduating. This is going to be the start of a brand new life for me. College. A career....

Scratch that. 2002, just 4 years after graduating highschool and dropping out of college I am in the maternity ward of a local hospital about to be whisked away to the OR for a c-section and delivery of my first child. A boy. A ten pound boy to be exact. In the blink of an eye I am now a mom.

What? Wait!! How did this happen? Ok, well I know HOW it happened. Seriously though, how did I go from carefree college student to a mom? It was like *poof*. I don't even remember the past 4 years save for one bad relationship and my very first apartment.

It's not like I didn't expect it. I mean I had 9 months to prepare, and my mother always warned me what would happen if I had unprotected sex. Really, mom, sex makes babies...damnit!

Fast forward 7 years. In that time frame I again attempted and failed at many relationships, moved like a bazillion times. Whoever told my dad that at 18 they move out and never come back was LYING. They come back. They ALWAYS come back...sometimes multiple times and sometimes with a little person in tow. But they.always.come.back.

During that 7 year time frame, I met my husband. See, I knew someone, somewhere could tolerate me. Within days, I am talking like less then a week here, of meeting him for the first time I got pregnant.

Are you sure sex makes babies???

My dad, anticipating another little person toddling thru his home, kicked me out. Seriously, after 2 years of me living there and bestowing upon him a grubby little 3 year old, he was giving me the heave-ho. Never mind that I was 26, and it was time to go. My dad sent me packing. I am sure he secretly thought I would be back.They ALWAYS come back.

So it was time to "head west young man" and on a snowy afternoon we loaded up his truck and headed....well west!

45 minutes later we arrived at our destination. Home. Well, my soon to be husbands home. But home none the less. I am sure somewhere my dad was thanking the gods above that his 26 yr old daughter was gone...don't worry dad, they come back. They ALWAYS come back.

In April of 2006, we got this silly idea that we should get married. Who does that anymore? Of course I wanted a big ol' wedding complete with a white dress and lots of flowers. Instead, I got married in the courthouse with a stodgy old judge who didnt even smile, my parents, my new in laws, who I am sure, where thrilled to be meeting me for the first time at our wedding, my grandma and some tulips growing in front of the courthouse.I did have a white dress. It was a maternity dress, but still I had my white dress. I cried. My makeup ran. It was a good day.

Our "reception" was hot dogs cooked on the grill in our backyard. Did I mention my husband is somewhat..."countryfied"?

Anyhow that was the start of our lives...and what a start it was

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  1. We all have to start somewhere. Yet I would not have changed it for the world my love.


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