Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

As a mom, who would load up the kids, the diaper bag, the stroller but forget to put the baby in the car before starting the engine, leaving him sitting on the stoop like yesterday's paper? Not Me. (Not me never even put the car in gear before grabbing baby)

Who would attempt to bake cookies in an oven that had a grease spill a few days prior without cleaning the grease up, therefore causing a fire in said oven? Not Me.

Who would allow their children to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the 100th time just so they could fold the laundry that has been in the basket for 3 days? Not Me

Who laugh uncontrolably when their 3 year old little boy looked at their father and said "Damnit Daddy!" which then encourages the child to swear in the most unappropiate of places? Not Me

Who would be so overwhelmed and stressed from a day of chasing toddlers, dealing with a defiant seven year old, cleaning house and changing diapers that she'd put said toddlers to bed with their clothes they wore that day on, after feeding them a dinner of PB and J? Not Me

Who is going to fold the laundry that is sitting in the basket and put it away, then throw another load in and repeat while I sit here and sip my gigantic cup of coffee and I mean work...on the internet...certainly....

Not Me!!!

Not Me Monday Courtesy of My Charming Kids


  1. Haha the one about the 3 year old swearing is too funny. My parents said when I was little I had the mouth if a sailor but they had no idea where I got it from because they never swore around me. Everyone says Lucy is going to be just like Mommy so I guess I'll have my hands full soon!

  2. nominated you for an award


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