Friday, May 1, 2009

A Minor Rant: It is 4 am, Do You Know Where Your Dog is?

Well, apparently my slightly obnoxious and overly intoxicated college-aged neighbor does not.

Since 3am this morning, I have been awake. The sound of my neighbor's flip flops scuffling on the sidewalk is what woke me. (I was *trying* to sleep with the window open). My dogs began barking..again. Contemplating rolling over and nudging my husband to go deal with them, I heard it.

My drunk neighbor standing in the driveway between my townhouse and theirs, yelling. Curious, and slightly annoyed that this is the reason that I am awake before the birds, I look out the window to see what is going on.

My neighbor is standing there, yelling for his dog to "Please come back, this isn't funny anymore" and that he was getting "very worried"

Now, I am just as much a dog lover as the next, heck I have 3 labs myself, so my heart went out to him....for a minute.

At 3 am, if your dog ran off, what would you be doing? Standing in the driveway begging with it to please come home or get in your car and look?

My dogs have run off before. They figured out if they jump up and hit the garage door opener on the wall in the garage that the magical gate will open and they will be free. It has happened once or twice, with one time landing them a free ride in a cop car.

I chuckle which finally wakes up my husband who grumbles "what the heck?" I tell him the story adding that if I were their dog I would run off too...

I feel bad for the dog. We live right by train tracks, and while my dogs have had the sense to stay off them, who knows how smart this dog is and as much as I despise my neighbors, I wouldn't want the dog hurt.

As for my neighbor....well his well-being may not be so certain after tonight.

I wonder if being pregnant, having 3 kids already, and lack of sleep is a probable cause to hit someone.

I bet there isn't a jury in the Tri-State Area that would convict me. :)

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