Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mommy can I....

"Mommy Can I..." rings out from the kitchen. I sigh. Not again. My 2 1/2 year is undoubtly wanting candy....again. "No" I yell from the other room where I am attempting to get a rein on the unruly laundry. Luckily, my denial of candy doesn't seem to result in a meltdown. "He's finally getting it" I say to my 1 year old who is unfolding and unmatching the socks faster then I can keep up.

I am deep in thought as I sort a pile of socks. "How come we have so many socks?" I ask out loud. 5 people sure make a lot of laundry. As I sort the socks, I go thru my "to do" list for the upcoming week...Husband and the oldest are going camping for boyscouts Friday and Saturday, I mentally make a note to dig out the tents and sleeping bags.

Suddenly I look around, my son never came back in the room after asking for Candy. I call his name. Nothing. Pure terror fills my heart. Who knows what kind of trouble he has found.

Then he comes running back into the room, a scent of maple trailing him. "Hi mommy!" he says and smiles a little to wide. "Hi, what did you do?" I ask. "Dunno" he shrugs his shoulders and plops down to watch the Spongebob marathon.

I cautiously make my way to the kitchen, my nose picking up the scent of....SYRUP!!!

Tears fill my eyes, do you know how messy this is going to get? I want to call my husband and work and tell him to come home...NOW. Yes this is an emergency! I am going to loose whatever sanity I have left in a minute.

I yell to my son to "Get your Butt out here NOW!!!" He comes out and I ask him why he did that..."I want Candy" he says "This is NOT candy, and I said no candy anyways" I reply. "Mommy, didnt say no sauce..." (his word for syrup)

He's got me there. I chuckle as I haul out the mop bucket and floor cleaner. Gotta give him credit there.

For the record....syrup does NOT mop up easy

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