Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are We There Yet?? Ramblings of a pregnant woman

Yes, I am whining. Yes, I know that when I whine I sound much like my 2 year old who whines all the darn time...but I am getting antsy darnit!!!

Are you where yet? You are probably asking. Is my where even a there?

I have, count them, roughly 7 weeks left of this pregnancy journey. And I am done...with a capital D. Seriously, I mean I love what the final product will be, but how come I cannot be like a bear, who gets knocked up, hibernates and wakes up to a baby that is months old? Hmmm....that isn't fair now is it? I mean this bear gets to miss out on morning sickness, swollen everything, needles ( I HATE needles) and most of all childbirth!!

Now, I guess I cannot complain *too* much because I am having a planned c-section, so there really won't be any labor pains persay...but I am in pain NOW.

I spend my days chasing after a one year old and a 2 year old. In between ferrying my oldest whereever he needs to go, cub scouts, soccer...whatever. I am exhausted by the end of the day. Did I mention that I am in the midst of trying to run my own business? Yea, don't ask how that is working out for me mmkay?

So the finish line is in sight, I am not sure I will make it to 38-39 weeks for my c-section as my blood pressure is doing funny things again. I see the finish line, but damn it, it is still so far away!!!

I know, I know, let the baby cook some more. Trust me, I by no means, want my baby to come too early and end up in NICU, I mean I am not that selfish...but hows about moving up the finish line a week or so?

Wait! Do I really want that? I mean I have NOTHING. Well, save for 2 packs of onsies and a really cute coming home outfit for him that my son picked out...but no diapers, no bottles, I cant decide if I am breast feeding or formula feeding...heck he doesn't even have a name yet!

Yep, I can feel the full fledged panic attack setting in. One that will inevitably cause my husband to laugh at me. He will fall asleep peacefully tonight while my mind does war with itself...again.

Science can do alot...I think men should get to have babies too

So anyways....

Really now...are we there yet?

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