Friday, July 31, 2009

My Weight Loss Journey: Day 1

Last night, my husband finally bought me the Wii Fit. ( I only had to pout like a kid in the toy aisle to get it.) I was excited and could barely refrain from ripping open the box in the car on the way home.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight. Of course, having 3 kids back to back doesn't do any justice to my weight. "You look great the way you are" says my husband. "Liar" I say. Aren't husbands supposed to say those things if they want to remain breathing?

I have health issues. I developed dangerously high blood pressure during my last pregnancy. Hypertension runs in my family. As does heart problems. I have back, knee and foot problems as well. I know that I have to make some serious life changes if I want to remain around to see my own kids grow up and have kids and families of their own.

My doctor told me during my pregnancy, "You are just a little overweight". I look back now and think he probably just said that to prevent having a hormonal pregnant woman running amuck in his office.

I stepped up on the Wii Fit board last night, cringing at the thought of having my BMI and Weight broadcast for everyone to see. "I am just a little overweight" I tell myself....

Right before my eyes, my Mii blew up like a puffer fish and my BMI index stopped at...Obese!!!

My weight: 207.7 pds.

A little overweight my butt.

Not wanting to believe the Wii Fit, I mean after all it is a video game, I grabbed my trusty bathroom scale....

My worst fears confirmed...the weight on the scale is the same on the screen...I am more then a little overweight.

I made a pact right then and there (after picking my self esteem up off the floor)

I was going to loose the weight. And this time I mean it.

Of course, accountability is an issue for I decided what better place to keep track of my journey then right here for my readers and all the internet to see.

*I feel kinda naked now*

My goal: to weigh 160 pds
My time limit:tentatively set at 2 months (just in time for the holidays)
Amount of weight to be lost: 44 pounds

This morning, I stepped up on the Wii Fit ready to face the day (wearing the same clothes as yesterday...*yes I washed them*)

Weight:205.5 pounds

Yay me!!!

My will power is weak though...the ice cream in the fridge is calling my name, but instead, i will have a salad and toast the begining of a journey to a better and healthier me!!!


  1. I so wish I had a Wii fit, they look like a lot of fun! I played once at a friends house and found myself sweating after only 5 minutes! Good luck with your weight loss goal!

  2. Good luck with your journey. Be careful not to set yourself up for failure through. It is great to have a goal weight, but 1-2 lbs is probably the healthiest goal to have. And even though that may not seem like a lot, think of how great you will feel at the end of the year when you are at your goal weight!

  3. Good luck! It is tough I know, I have slipped from eating healthy and need to get back to it already!

    Visiting from Twitter Moms!

  4. As a woman who lived in Paris during her youth and adopted good eating habits, thanks to the French, let me just say, do it slowly, don't deprive yourself, just eat LESS of the stuff you like. My husband doesn't listen to me, and he's done the FAST loose 50 pounds over and over again , by drinking 2 protein shakes/day, and one steamed veggies and fish, and after it all comes off, he doesn't know MODERATION, and gains it all back. Make it a lifestyle change and since I used to be a personal trainer, start learning to enjoy weight training. I swear by building muscle, which burns more calories, even when you're resting, than cardio alone. I know you can do it, just thing long term. I have 3 boys and am much older than you, but I still exercise at the gym. I also did up until each son was born, and started 3 weeks after. I hope you do this for yourself, and wish you the best.

  5. Good luck to you! We got a Wii Fit for our birthdays (both my huaband and my birthday are in February, as is our daughter's). We used it for awhile, but I can't tell you the last time I used it. I need to start again. Thanks for inspiring me. What workouts do you like to do? I would go through the strength training and the yoga.

  6. Amy, I love doing the Yoga (my 3 year old son does it with me lol) I also like the areobics. And the balance. It has really helped me.

    Good luck and if you do start doing it again feel free to email me we can be workout buddies with the Wii Fit :-)


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