Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Talkative Tuesday 7-28-09

It is so hard to believe that Noah is a month old tomorrow. It went by so fast. He is doing so extremely well. I am forever in debt to my OB and the wonderful staff of nurses at the hospital for Noah being here. I am also blessed with the most wonderful peditrician who assures me that Noah is going to be ok. I am grateful.

My son Aidan turned 3 on the 17th, my daughter will be 2 on Sunday. Where did the time go? Again, it went by so fast. I marvel at the little people they have become. Aidan and Morgan are both fiercely independant. They are extremely loyal not only to eachother but also to Damien and to Noah.

My oldest is starting 2nd grade in a few weeks. I am proud of him. He had some setbacks during the last year, but he is doing so much better.

And me? Well, I am doing ok. Somedays are harder then others, but all in all, I am doing ok. I am slowly adapting to my new routine. And am imensely proud that I took all 4 kids grocery shopping last week with no incident (until we went to leave and my van overheated and it took 45 minutes just to get ahold of my husband who was WORKING right inside the store where I broke down) Turns out my radiator was empty.

I am thankful for the good samaritan who stopped and offered to tow my van if needed...for FREE...he also waited with my while Steve got the stuff to put in the radiator. I should have caught his name.

The hamster died a week ago. I am in the process of trying to convince my husband that a rat is a good pet. He says no, but I think that if I just go and buy one he has no say. I want a rat, I want a black rat specifically. There have been reports that rats make good pets. *Wonder if Steve will see it my way...naw*

All in all, I couldn't ask for more out of life. I am blessed to have what I have. Each day is getting better.

Life is good.

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