Friday, January 29, 2010

From here to there...

Tonight is my last night in this townhome. Tomorrow, we load up and move on out. I am happy. Tomorrow I leave behind my obnoxious neighbors who leave beer bottles on my steps, bellow drunkenly for their dog at 4am, throw eggs and snowballs at the adjoining townhouse only to hit mine and occasionally drunkenly ring the wrong door bell on accident...I think. I leave behind crack flooring in several rooms. I leave behind more mold then anyone should ever have to live with. I leave all of this behind.

But I also leave memories behind. When we came to this townhome, we were broken, battered. We were lucky to have the clothes on our backs. In just a short time span, we lost a car, then our house.

For two years we lived here. Tripping over eachother. Having to tell our kids no, they couldn't play outside because of beer bottles and the trains. My husband and I fought. All the time.

We came here broken. We leave here a stronger family unit then we have ever been. We leave here knowing that we made it through whatever God could throw at us, and we came out, whole, on the other side.

My faith has grown exponetially these last few months. God has provided for my family. God was in I didn't have to be. And as crappy as these last two years were, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I like to think that we lost our first house for a reason. It wasn't time for us to have a house. We were not ready to appreciate the great responsibilty that came with owning a home. And we weren't. We took for granted that it would always be there...and it wasn't.

We have come to appreciate having a house, and a yard, and room for our kids to run and play. We are grateful for the chance we are getting to start new.

Will I miss this townhouse...nah. While it housed our family for two was never home.

Tomorrow I leave here for there..

Tomorrow, I go home.

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