Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hope For Haiti Fundraising Campaign

It is on every news channel. And everyone’s mind. The people of Haiti are dealing with devastating aftermath of an earthquake that is thought to have left hundreds of thousands dead.

I will admit, until recently, I didn’t know much about Haiti. I didn’t realize that they were so poor that things like drinking water and food were almost impossible to come by before the quake. Things that we take for granted. And now….

I have been thinking about Haiti a lot the last 2 days. It weighs heavily on my mind. It brings tears to my eyes when I see the pictures of such massive devastation. It breaks my heart to know that the people of this nation had nothing to begin with, and what very little they did have has now been destroyed.

We take life for granted. We take for granted the food on our tables, the water that we drink. Our electricity. Everything that a person should have access to. Not everyone has those things.

I know that I am guilty of complaining about the things that I don’t have. I am sure many of you are too. We always want more. More then what we already have.

Watching the news, looking at the pictures, is a real eye opener for me. Here are people surviving on barely anything. Now they struggle to make sense of the disaster that has killed so many.

Instead of sitting in your home, wondering what you can do…do something. Now is the time to be reactive. Now is the time to step up and say that YOU CAN DO SOMETHING.

For just $5.00 you can help aide in the humantiarian effort that is underway in Haiti. Simply text “Yele” to 501501

Can’t spare $5.00? A donate now button is going up on my blog here shortly. Donate $1.00 for “Hope For Haiti” All funds raised will be going directly too The American Red Cross to help the people of Haiti recover from this horrible tragedy.

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  1. Totally devasting. I was soo tired last week & mentally drained. I have a client over there and still waiting for her to return home. Thank God she is safe.

  2. Hello - I found your blog through Twitter Moms (a place I am still trying to figure out. Good grief!)

    I wanted to add a Thank You to this post. I have friends I love and a little girl that I sponsor and they all live in the worst of the mess there. So when someone makes an effort to raise funds to help the people there, it feels very personal to me. Like, they're giving to my family. Probably silly, but there it is.

    A month ago, some friends of mine were visiting our missionary friends who love there, and they came back and told us of 14 year old kids who were just...naked. They had no clothes.

    May I never complain of not having enough!

    Anyway, enough rambling from a stranger. Thank you for your help for the people in Haiti!


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