Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's really not fair...

Can I whine, just for a second?

Yesterday I posted about how excited I was that we had found a potential house to rent. I wrote about how crappy our current landlord is. And then I waited...

and waited...

and waited...

I went to bed last night hoping for an email this morning, something saying "yes the house is still available" and "yes you can have it"

And well, nothing. After 2 emails and a voice mail, the person renting the house has still not contacted me.

And we have to pay rent on our current home today. And sign the new lease.

We made a mistake a few years back. We lost our home in the midst of the house market crash.

We have tried really hard these last couple of years to get back on track, to do what is right. So why is that I feel like we are still being punished 2 and half years later? There are people with way worse credit then us buying houses and getting brand spanking new cars...

I don't want to even buy a house....I just want a home to rent. Somewhere that is safe for my kids, away from the train tracks. Where there is no mold or leaky tubs. Where the flooring isnt cracked. Where arcs of electricity to spark from the side of the house.

Why do I feel like it is too much to ask?

Because apparently it is.

We made a mistake 3 years ago....

and we are still paying for it now.

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