Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The night the computer died....

It is approaching 130am my time. The kids and my husband went to bed a long time ago. I should have followed suit. I am exhausted. But tonight the unthinkable happened....

My laptop died.

Shortly before 7pm, I was eating my dinner and browsing the web when it crashed...hard. A little concerned, I re-booted the computer and waited patiently for everything to load back up. Then it happened.

This stupid Malware thing, posing as it if it were part of the windows security thing on my computer...which it is not...starting popping up. Every. Two. Seconds.

Then it started to load shortcuts to "adult" websites on my desktop. It was then that I knew that my laptop was in dire straits.

Then it ceased to have an internet connection. I was hosed.

Every article I have ever written is on that laptop, all my book marks, pictures...

My husband reminded me that we had a desktop that had been sitting in the closet for some time. About a year ago, this desktop suffered what I thought was a fatal meltdown. ( I do not have good luck at all with computers it seems.) Why I held on to it? I couldn't tell ya. But tonight I am glad my pack rat ways paid off.

After swearing. Alot. I got the desktop up and running. Granted I have a fan blowing on it to keep it cool. But it works. Which means I can work.

Since I was unable to successfully wipe the laptop, my articles are still on there, so tomorrow,
I am going to print them all off and store them away. I will write down my most important bookmarks.

And as for the pictures? Well, I bet this is one time my husband is pleased that I do not delete pictures of my camera. I have every single picture available.

After tonight though, I learned a valuable lesson...always back up your work...multiple times.

But this story has a happy ending. I am pretty damn proud of myself.

I am headed for bed though. Sleep bekons and when you have 4 kids, the mornings come all to soon

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  1. My pc died recently too. I was going to back up my HD that week. I'm not happy. Now I have no pc and have to borrow one or do it at work.


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