Thursday, January 7, 2010

First full week of the new year...

Well, the first full week of the new year is done, and what a week it has been! 2010 has definately let it's presence be known.

My husband started the year off with a ticket. :/ I guess had I realized that our insurance had indeed not renewed, the ticket could have been avoided. But it is what it is. Hopefully, when he talks to the Circuit Clerks office Monday, they will see that it was an oversight and the fine wont be too outrageous.

We also got snow. Tons of it too. Enough to warrant closing schools on Thursday. My son was happy. Me...not. It is not that I don't like snow, it is just that, well that was the particular day that we had set aside to get groceries. And to look at a house.

Yes, I said a house. Not the original one we had picked out..but a different one. Thankfully the snow stopped and the sun came out long enough for us to go and see it. An omen? I am hoping so!

My husband originally didn't want to move. We lost our home a few years back, and he wanted to wait until we were in a better place financially before we started looking again. And I understood that. Really I did. But I couldn't accept that waiting would mean that my kids and I (who is allergic to mold) would have to stay in a house that is unsafe. I wasn't willing to sacrafice my health another minute. So we agreed to look at the house. After he saw it, he was as happy as I was. It has a large yard, a basement, a park across the street, and a real wood burning fireplace!!! So now we just wait for final approval. I know that this is in God's hands and he is in control.

Admiting that is hard. That God is in control. But events that have happened have made me realize that God is in control. There is a reason that things happen the way they do. Does that mean I am ready to accept God in my life with full and open arms? Not yet...God and I have some work to do. He knows why I hesitate. And He also knows that a day will come when I will be ready to accept him, 100%. He already accepts me. God is patient though. He will continue to do what He does. He will continue to be in control in my life and show me that I can trust in Him...(but that is another post, a heavy post, for another day)...

And in the meantime...I guess I should get to packing. If all goes well we will be t minus 3 weeks until moving day...and there is so much to do!!!

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  1. we had such an overwhelming week over here too...let us just pray that 2010 will be a good year. have a good sunday!


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