Monday, January 4, 2010

I really hate waiting...

I am impatient...I am pretty sure I have mentioned that a time or two. It is a really big flaw of mine. Yes, I am trying to work on it...and no today is not one of the days I am.

We need to move. Actually, we needed to move since a month after we moved in here in 2008. Our roof started leaking. Mold grew. The property manager at that time never fixed it. New property manager in 2009. Fixed the mold, not the leak. Ceiling leaked again. Mold grew again. Then the toilet started to leak. The the floor in the kitchen and bathroom cracked. Then the tub started to leak. Then the drywall in the garage ceiling under where the tub was at crumbled. More mold grew. Our tub got resurfaced. They never came back to fix the mold. I am pretty certain one of these nights, the tub (and me) are going to go crashing to the garage floor...

We have called, left messages, sent in letters...done it all in an effort to get it fixed right. And all this time, we kept paying rent.

Then, shortly before new years our neighbor could not figure out her fire place. She called maintence. They show up!!! Then knock on our door, wondering if we knew how to work the fire place.


Our lease is up in a few short weeks, and we are going to have to stay here another year, unless we can find something that will work for us. Something within our price range to rent, as we can not buy right now :(

I found something today. We love it. It is big. ( I will even have an office!!) So we are just waiting on confirmation from the girl that is renting it. All we need is a "yes"

I have been waiting over 6 hours for that yes.

If she doesn't email me soon....I am going to go nuts.

I have the boxes ready.

I want to move.

I have checked my email way to many times, been totally unproductive, and not gone more then a foot from my phone today.

For a house.

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  1. That is just ridiculous, I just don't understand how people do things like that and feel ok with it. You're definitely deserving of a new house! I really hope you get it!


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