Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writer's Workshop: If You Give A Mom A Moment....

If You Give A Mom A Moment....

If you give a mom a moment, she will want a cup of coffee

She will then discover the contents of last weeks cup of coffee molding in the filter basket

This will lead to her disinfecting the entire kitchen

Then she will drop the coffee pot on the floor.

She will clean up the glass, while keeping the toddlers at bay,

While cleaning up the glass, she will decide to mop the floor

After mopping the floor, she will load 4 kids into the car, head to the local Wal-Mart to replace broken pot.

Only to discover she has to buy a whole new machine.

She will leave the store 2 hours and 200 dollars later.

Upon arriving home, she will unpack the coffee maker while feeding the kids gummi bears

She will put the last of her coffee grounds in the filter and turn the machine on...

Learning a few moments later you must FIRST put the pot on the maker.

She will mop up hot coffee, with tears in her eyes

If you give a mom a moment, she will want a cup of coffee...

Screw the coffee, gimme a beer!

writer's workshop hosted courtesy Mama Kat


  1. Hahaha I've had the moldy coffee filter happen to me before! It's pretty bad. And I think it's a rule that when you go to wal-mart, you always leave with more than what you intended on getting.

  2. I can safely say I've never had to deal with moldy coffee filters, what with my daily love affair with the coffee machine and all. Sounds like a craptastic day, if you ask me. Go for the beer.

  3. Or at least a mocha! :-) (Maybe with some baileys? Just maybe!)

  4. I can totally relate. Thanks for the giggle (even though I'm sure it was not even remotely giggle worthy at the time).

  5. I could so easily see this happpening to me!! Yeah, I think a beer after all that would definitely help take the edge off!!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!


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