Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

This was the dinner time conversation over hotdogs and potatoe chips, courtesy of my lovely D

D: "Mom how come your are not eating?"

Me: "I am not hungry, I will eat later."

D: "It's because of your diet right? What is a diet anyways mom?"

Me: "It is something that mommy is doing to try to look a little thinner."

D: "Look what?"

Me: "Skinny ok, just eat your damn hot dog"

D:"Is that how come you do the Wii Fit?"

Me: "Yes, now eat"

D: "Well is it working?"

Me: "Is what working?"

D:"The Wii Fit?"

Me: "I don't know, I guess...just eat for cripes sake"

By now I am starting to wonder where this conversation is going...

D:"Well I think it is."

Me: "You think what is? And are you going to ever?"

D: "The Wii fit mom" as he shoves the hot dog in his mouth

Me: "Thanks"

D:"You don't look as fat anymore"

Me: "Well thanks, I am eat!!"

All is quiet for a few minutes when he opens his mouth to speak

D: "Well you still are fat but not as fat"

Me: *crickets*

He never did finish that damn hotdog

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