Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Totally Random Thought Tuesday: Things I Learned In The Last Week

1.) Prior to Noah, the only real caffeine I needed was pop and the occasional Monster drink. Now, I cannot function without atleast TWO cups of coffee. French Vanilla Flavored with French Vanilla creamer and loads of sugar. Please.

2.)Noah can smile. And Coo. And Spit. Those 3 things combined have proven to be a great deterrent from the housework that needs to be done.

3.)That if I tell my husband "No its fine you can play on the computer" while I am cleaning and painting and he does it...that I really can't get too mad...but I still do.

4.) That updating the software on my iPod Touch will make it go back to factory settings. I will loose my 200+ songs. And the minions that work @ Apple.com in the customer service department are really overpaid.

5.) That exporting my husbands music off his iPod to itunes will allow me to get back all my music and all will be right with the world again

6.)That a 3 year old, Jeff Dunham, Walter, Achemed the Dead Terrorist, Jose Jalepeno...on a stick and Peanut...don't mix. Ever.

7.) That laughing at said 3 year old telling his brother "You idiot, you don't have an ass" will only make him say it more.

8.) That I am not as young as I think. And riding all the "make you wanna throw up rides" at the fair, especially after eating a polish sausage with onions and green peppers, will indeed, make me wanna throw up

9.) That laundry breeds indiscrimenantly while I sleep and there really is a sock monster in my washer

10.) That unless my kid is dying or really does have a broken bone, I am never taking them to the E.R. Ever. Doing so will result in my 2 year old having her leg in a temporary cast for nothing more then a splinter

11.) That I really am blessed. I have 4 wonderful children, a husband who loves me inspite of my flaws....

And an ipod loaded with music again.

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