Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Old Ladies and Ice Cream

The other day, my husband and I took our two toddlers out for ice cream while waiting for our oldest to return home from the hallowed halls of academia (ok ok school)

Now, my toddlers are, well they are toddlers. Ages 2 and 3. They act like most toddlers do. They run, they yell, they fight. And usually they are doing all 3 of these things at once.

We decided to eat our ice cream inside instead of allowing them to mess up the car with it. Dairy Queen was pretty empty save for a group of old gentelmen and 2 old ladies.

The 2 old ladies gave me the evil eye. How dare I bring my unkempt children into a family dining establishment. As if...

And like usual my toddlers decided now was the time to act like they were raised by neandrathals...with really bad manners.

My 3 year old decides now is the time to yell. It's fun echoes in the semi empty establishment.

My 2 year old decides to follow suit and begins screeching at an octave that would cause ones ears to bleed.

"Sit down and eat..please" Yes I am begging my children to behave.

Then I notice it.

The old lady at the other table turns in her chair and gives me

The Evil Eye

You know the one I am talking about. The one that people who either have no kids or had kids that they treated really bad, give a parent when they think their children are out of control.

My kids are NOT out of control at this point. Actually, they were never out of control...that happened later at Red Lobster when the waiter sat us next to the lobster tank.

They were just

We were in there about half an hour. During that time that old lady never took her scowling, beady little eyes of off my kids...

Apparently, it is wrong to take your family to a ....

Family Resturant...

Next time, I am going to seat myself and my children..all FOUR of them right next to her.

Just because I can.

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