Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Someone Should Have Told Me...

That being a mom meant:

A night out would be a trip to wal-mart and the drive thru lane at Mcdonalds

Becoming the referre to backseat brawls

I would never again be able to get the Spongebob Theme song out of my head

I would know, and SING every word to any Wiggles songs ever made

That life and death would be explained as we flushed the goldfish

That if there was a channel showing cartoons they would find it and watch it

That I would make 45 trips up and down the stairs at night, because someone needs a drink, needs to be changed and needs a hug

That everytime I sat down, my butt would trigger some sort of silent alarm that would make someone cry,someone poop,and someone need more of something

That never again would I pee in peace

That taking a shower meant jumping in and hoping I remembered to lock the door

That said door would be unlocked and I would find myself showering with an audience

That it would be inevitable that someone would forget something they NEED while on a long trip and we would have to buy it on the way

That I would eat chicken nuggets 5 nights a week

That In a rush to get everybody ready, I would ineveitably be the one who didbt get dressed and now I am scaring the children at the elementary school...

If someone would have told me that being a mom meant all those things...I would tell them yep, it also means this too.

For every tear that they cry, I cry 2

I melt at the sight of them, even if they are dirty

I will hang their art work, even the little scribbles all over the place for all to see

I will move heaven and earth and fight the devil for them

If someone would have told me that being a mom meant all those things I would have still chosen to become....mom

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  1. Melissa,

    So sweet and soooooo true! Thanks for the grins :) !



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