Monday, September 28, 2009

", are these all yours?"

After dropping my oldest off with his dad Friday...I had to, um, pee. Now usually, I only pee when out when I have another adult with me to watch the kids, because not having an extra set of hands means schelping 2 toddlers and a newborn into a bathroom. Peeing while they announce to the world that "mommy's going potty!!!"

But this was one of those times where i had to go NOW!!

So, I haul the 3 of them into the gas station to use the bathroom. My son and his father are in there, "I can watch them" his dad says....ummm no chance buddy. Did I mention I don't like the guy?

So into the tiny bathroom we go. It was a fairly uneventful bathroom break, with only minor peaking under the stall door at me, and 2 bathroom garbage diving incidents.

Proud of my brood, I instruct the 2 toddlers to join hands, I grab the carseat and off we go.

As we are walking back towards the exit I hear it from behind me.

"You have a nice family"

"Thanks" I am quiet proud of myself. Because for once, they are actually behaving.

"How old are they?"

"3 months, 2 and 3" I reply.

The guy gets a surprised look on his face. "Thats close in age"

Your telling me buddy

I know" I laugh

"Umm, are they all yours?"

I look around. All what mine? Did I attract a gaggle of geese that I am not aware of? "All who mine?" I ask.

"The kids. Are they all yours?"

All Mine? I have 3 kids in tow, its not like I am the Duggar lady and out with my 25 children.

Three kids...thats it.

"Yep and that one over there with his dad...he's mine too!"


I watch the guy walk away. Why is it that as soon as someone finds out that I have four kids they are in awe? I mean, really? And heaven forbid I tell them my toddlers are 12 months and 2 weeks to the day apart...they might have a coranary

As far as society has advanced over the years, is it still taboo for a woman to have more then one or two children? Just last year I only had 3, and no one acted like this. Is four the magic number? The "I cant believe she has four kids, she does know what causes them, right?" number?

Just for the record, yes I know that what causes babies

And no, we wont be having any more.



  1. It's funny how things change, it's not too long ago that 6 kids was considered normal. Now you have more than 2 kids and people thing you must be crazy, lol.


  2. lol..then I must be insane. I can't believe some of the looks I get anymore

  3. I know just what your talking about I get that look as well, and even more so when I wear my shirt that says "Who are all these kids and why do they keep calling me MOM!" lol Having 6 kids people look at me like I have lost my mind and its NEVER coming back again. lol

    Once you hit a certain number a couple more do not make a difference. They really freak when my kids have their friends over and there are kids EVERYWHERE.

  4. Ummm......hilarious! Our neighbors have 8. Ages 10, 9, 7, 5, 5, 3, 2, and 2 months - I wonder what kind of looks they get!? And I don't think they are done! Crazy!

  5. I get that comment a lot, I only have 4! I have friends who have 6, 7, 8 kids, my husband came from a family with 7 kids, now that is a big family...mine, not so big. I think once you pass 2 kids, most people see your family as big.


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