Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sometimes I wonder...(Totally Random Tuesday)

My house is a mess. It seems that while it takes the kids mere seconds to mess it up, it takes me hours to clean it back up. It never gets quiet right before the kids come tearing through it again, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

I tried sending them downstairs to play in their rooms...you know the place where all the toys are supposed to be? Yea, that didn't go to well.

In the boys room, there is crayon covering every inch of wall, the doors and even the window. Several times now I have ripped their room apart trying to find the damn crayons. I can't find them..anywhere..

The boys also have an obsene amount of toys. Every year I cut their collection down by atleast 1/2 in preparation for birthdays and christmases. I don't buy many toys during the year for them...so tell me why they have enough toys to open a toy shop. Geoffery The Giraffe would be proud.

My daughter's room is no better. Except for she likes to take her diaper off...after she poops...I think its time to replace her carpet...

Anyways back to what I was wondering about...

When I was younger, my mom was a stickler for a clean house. She spent hours a day doing laundry, cleaning and scrubbing. I remember my mom, on several occasions, making me take every last thing out of my room, put it in the hall and then clean my room top to bottom.

I was a disorganized kid, and now I am a disorganized mom..

So, what I wonder sometimes is this..

Am I this way inspite of my mom? Had she not been so all like Mr. Clean on me, would I be more inclined to keep a tidy home? My mom pounded housework into my head, that I think like most kids, I just tuned her out, and became set in my ways. If you tell a kid not to do something a certain way...guess what? They are going to do it anyways.

So if my theroy is right, that my mom just set me up to be disorganized because of how hard she pushed me as a kid...then my kids are going to be freaking neat freaks..right?

I doubt it. Because there are holes in my theroy here...see the kids like not having an organized mom, because how can I yell at them to clean their rooms, when the remainder of the house is still in dissarray...

Just the other day, my sweet 7 year old told me..."Mom, I will clean my room....when you clean yours!!"




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