Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Have You Heard About Votre Vu?

I wanted to take a few moments and tell everyone about this wonderful company, the products and a recession proof business oppurtunity. Even if you aren't interested in unlimited income potential, please be sure to request your free samples of Votre Vu Products.

*Only The Best Products
Votre Vu has scouted out the finest products, filled with luxurious, natural, hard-working ingredients from all over the globe. Most of the treasures are Parisian born;others have a lineage from the intriguing rainforests of Brazil, to the research laboratories of Germany, and proudly back home on Terra Firma, USA

Votre Vu's motto is: "Stay pure, stay simple, work hard"

*Cleansers are soap free
*Masques and toners are botanically formulated
*Day and night cremes are loaded with vitamins, not wax
*Gentle scrubs have no harsh grains, just pearls
*Hair care products are thoughtfully formulated, free of sodium laurel sulfate and filled with nourishing botanicals to gently cleanse, condition and fortify your locks

Earn Money Quickly

Minimal Start Up Costs:
Just $99 with an easy and quick autoship enrollment. Recieve $250 in amazing product and business supplies

No Inventory: We ship everything directly to your customers

No Deliveries

Free Host Program:
Have quick,simple yet lively parties and introduce many people to products in a short amount of time

No Monthly Ordering Requirements: Just one 50 BV (business volume) order every 24 weeks to maintain the benefits of being a consultant

Get Paid Weekly on your Very own Votre Vu Debit Card

Simple Web based Training

Whether you are looking to earn some extra spending money, to finance a special product, to support your family or even gain financial independance, your Votre Vu Business can make these goals a reality

Are you ready to start writing the next chapter of your history book?

If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful business oppurtunity, please email me for your free information pack, no obligation

Not interested? That is ok too..but don't miss out on sampling some of the finest skin care products around. Email me your name, address and skin type and I will send you free samples customized to your skin type.

Visit today to take a look at all of our wonderful products

And dont forget to get your free samples...

Melissa A!

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