Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where oh Where Has My Laundry Detergent Gone?

I have begun to realize just how indispensible I really am around here.

My laundry has gotten a "tad" out of control...and by a tad, I mean it isn't piled in EVERY room..yet.

The other day, I ask Steve to throw a load of laundry in as he is walking down the stairs. Hey, he ASKED me what he could do. So he threw a load in for me and then left .

The next day, I asked him again to throw another load in..he is totally on board *I think* with my obsesive cleaning tear I am on. Although if I get amused by my new carpet steamer one more time, he is liable to call the men in the white coats to take me away...but that is a blog for another day...

Back to the laundry. "Melissa?!?" he yells up the stairs. I roll my eyes and wonder *how* difficult is it to put the soap in and start the washer? "What could you possibly want" I say as I walk down the stairs. "Where's the laundry soap?" "DUH..where YOU left it" "But its not here?" I go down there, it is not there. "Well where is it then?" "I dunno"

I look at Aidan , "Did you take it?" "yeah" Thats his answer for everything..so another day passes...no laundry soap..How does laundry soap grow legs and walk away? I tore the boys room apart, thinking that Damien or Aidan took it, steeling myself for the soapy mess I would soon fine. Nothing. So I get on my hands and knees and look under the beds...do you know how much crap a boy can shove under a bed...oh my! I found lots of things..including the sorce of that mysterious oder but still, no soap.

So at this point I am thinking that Steve has lost his ever loving mind, because soap can't just dissappear. On a whim, I open the washer, where the clothes from the previous day reside...and there in all its crowning glory..is my laundry soap...

After an inspection it is determined that the soap, the entire bottle, had gone thru an entire wash cycle. Thankfully, it had not opened.

Steve knocked it in the day before and washed it with the clothes.

I would call the police and report an attempted murder of an innocent, (and FULL) bottle of Purex All Natural Soap. But I am sure, it would be thrown out...I dont think he is fit to stand trial.

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