Saturday, September 19, 2009

Me, bite off more then I can chew...never!

It is Saturday. I am, again, up before the birds. Why? Because I have a deadline for some articles that I am writing. And the only time I can write for any solid length of time is before the kids get up...or after they go to bed, but at that point I just want to go. to. sleep. So I am pretty useless at that point.

I have recently taken on another writing gig. Thanks to a dear friend of mine who referred me, I am now writing as The Rockford Early Childhood Parenting Examiner. It's a pretty cool gig.

Writing has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It has always given me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings. I enjoy sitting in front of the computer. I am fairly lucky, I seldom have writer's block and if I do, it doesn't last too long.

I am now writing for two different places online. Associated Content and I have set weekly goals as to how many articles I want to write and publish each week. And if I must say so, I set the bar fairly high. Maybe too high? I am looking to turn out 6-10 original pieces each week. Per site. Easy maybe? But this isn't like blogging. Blogging comes easy for me, because I like to talk. But turning out 6-10 articles per week. Per site...good quality articles, may prove to be a bit tough. What will I write about? What does 'my public' want to see? Do I even have a public?

I am also developing my photography business as well. Plus raising 4 kids. Plus taking care of a house. Plus doing various blogging things....

My life is full. My life is busy with a capital B.

But I wouldn't have it anyother way

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