Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Reacting to an emergency

I have been fairly fortunate throughout life. There really hasn't been many "emergencies". And with four kids, that is nothing short of a miracle.

Until just this week.

Noah got sick.

For about a week, the older three kids had been battling colds, coughs and the occasional fever. They were getting better, and save for lingering coughs, are pretty much over whatever it was.

Then Noah got it. Now, as a mom of 4, I am not the type to go running for the phone every time my kids get sick. So, when Noah started coughing, I just suctioned his nose. When he first got a fever, I chalked it up to teething and gave him Tylenol. Until Monday----

Monday it became apparent that Noah's fever and cough were something more then just a simple cold. His fever was at 102.5. He would not eat, or even rouse for diaper changes. Something was wrong with my baby.

Noah ended up being admited to the hospital for treatment of Pneumonia. Let me be the first to say..i don't handle emergencies well at all.

I cried. Alot. I yelled at my husband. Alot. I paced the room. I cried some more. All I could do was look at my poor baby, oxygen tubes in his nose, ivs in his arms and cry.

I liked to think that prior to this, I would be the type of mom who faces an emergency with grace. I would be the mom who has it all together and in turn keeps her family together.

Instead, I held my 7 year old and cried with him as we worried about little Noah.

Instead of being in "calm" mode. I was in "breakdown" mode. My eyes were puffy and my head hurt from all the crying that I did. I was angry with myself, my husband, the doctors.

Noah is doing better today. He is back to his normal self and is on his last of two injections of Antibiotics. I am glad that Noah has come out this unscathed...

Me, however, not so much. :-)

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  1. You poor thing, yes the kids recover but we certainly don't! I am glad you guys are on the mend! Visiting from mama kats!

  2. Awww. Poor Momma. It is so hard when our kids are sick. Especially sick like that. Sick like that is really not something you can prepare yourself for.

    And thanks for choosing this prompt. I was mine! :)))) (that's a great, big, giddy smile by the way)


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