Saturday, February 20, 2010

For the first time

Aidan is 3, Morgan is 2. For the first time--ever--in their short little lives, they got to play outside in a yard. A real yard. Not that little postage stamp sized-shared with 2 other neighbors-near the train tracks-beer bottle and cigarette butt minefield-yard they had, but a large yard. They had room to run. I wasn't having to yell every 2 seconds for them to watch out for beer bottles, or to get off the neighbor's patio or to stay away from the tracks. And even when Aidan dared to venture across the street I didn't worry--we live on a dead end street. It was nice. We spent an hour out in the snow, climbing trees, building snowmen and just playing. It was the first time in over two years that the kids had a safe place to play.

I have been longing for a place to call "home" for some time now. the townhome never felt like home. Not with the neighbors or the mold or any of that. Today, as I laid out their snow gear in the laundry room to dry I finally felt that peace that I have been longing...

For the first time...

I feel like I am Home

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