Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"If You Want To See The Rainbow...You Must First Weather the Storm"

I seen that phrase on the sign to a tiny little car wash. Actually, I have seen it day after day since I started driving my son to school...but today it spoke to me.

My marriage has weathered on heck of a storm. Twenty four hours ago, we were on the brink of separating. Closer then we have ever been before. The terror that I felt flowing through my veins was crippling. As mad as I was at him. As hurt as I was for the words that were spoken, I still believed that my marriage was worth saving.

And you know what...it is worth saving. We talked. He held me. I cried. He apologized. For the first time in a long time...we connected.

Of course, that doesn't mean that my marriage is *poof* 100% better..because it is not. But it will get better. We will get stronger.

I have weathered the storm and I am enjoying the rainbows that followed

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