Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This N' That Tuesday

Noah was hospitalized unexpectedly last Monday and Tuesday with Pneumonia. After 4 rounds of Rocephin injections (antibiotics), daily nebulizer treatments, predisone, and oral antibiotics, he is doing much better. It was definately scary to see my seven month old hooked up to IVs and oxygen tubes


We are still living out of boxes. Noah's hospitalization followed by a week of non stop dr appointments really put me behind. I am unplugging from the computer for a bit today to work on getting this chaos in order


I have launched, well almost , my new Freelance/Virtual Assistant business. I got my business cards today and have been working on the blog this week.


I am working on a non profit...read my blog post "I am inspired" for more details and to see how you can help

Have a great Tuesday!!

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