Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If the house is a rockin....

I was sleeping. Warm and comfortable in my bed. Only had a couple of hours left until it would be time to wake up and start my day...

Then my mom 430am! She never calls...

Melissa, are you ok??"

I am confused. "Yes Mom, why?"

"There was an earthquake! It was centered in Dekalb/Sycamore...where you live"

Appareantly at 4am this morning, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake, centered in my area, hit. It was felt all the way from Iowa to Indiana and all points in between.

I thought I felt something. The baby had started crying. But I didn't realize it was an earthquake.

According to the lady on the news, there is an inactive fault line that runs through Illinois...

I am guessing it is not so inactive anymore.

Things appear to be ok. Once the sun comes up, I will venture out to check the house. I will admit it, I am kinda scared. I have to drive today. I don't know what to do if an earthquake hits while I am driving? What if the next one is bigger? What if i am just being a big baby because I live in Illinois, and things like this just dont happen here?

What a way to start the morning...

Now, wheres my coffee

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