Thursday, February 4, 2010

This N That Tuesday (On Thursday!)

This has been a hell of a week. I am so beyond glad that it is almost the weekend. I have nothing planned other then sitting on my butt and watching TV (and maybe unpacking some boxes)
We moved last Saturday. We are finally getting around to unpacking our boxes this week. After almost a week of "what box did you put_____in?" (I told my husband to lable the boxes) we are finally starting to find our things...although I still have not found my beloved Tassimo Coffee Maker...
Noah spent Monday and Tuesday in the hospital with pneumonia. It was a very scary and heartbreaking sight to see my 7 month old baby hooked up to oxygen and ivs. A few Rocephin (antibiotic) shots later he is doing much better. I am forever grateful for the drs and nurse at the hospital and our drs office.
I am tired. More tired then I have been in a while. But I have many things in store for the coming weeks. Feburary is going to be great

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