Monday, November 22, 2010

Goals and Such

It is hard to believe that in just a few short days, it will be Thanksgiving, and then a few short weeks after that Christmas and then the New Year. 2010 feels like it went by at a breakneck speed. 2010 hasn't been the best of years towards me, but it also hasn't been the worst. It was a year that has tested my very inner strength. It is also one that opened my eyes to a weight problem and eating disorder. (You can read about that here) I grew a lot as a person this year (emotionally and spiritually).

Going into 2011, I am already setting my intentions for the year. These are things that will happen. No question of "if." I am taking all other options off the table. One of the things that I have learned is to name your goals as if they already happpened. Don't leave room for the "what ifs" Just say and then own it.

So, I am sharing my goals with you for the 2011 year!

  • Weigh 160 pounds (or less). After spending the last 4 years over 200 pounds, I am leaving the 200's behind forever
  • Run the Chicago Marathon. October 2011 will find me pounding the pavement in the city of Chicago
  • Become certified to teach Turbo Fire and Hip Hop Hustle
  • Become a Certified Personal Trainer (signing up for the classes in Jan.) and start working towards becoming a Nutritionist
  • Publish my novel
  • Publish my non-fiction book
  • Start on my children's book series
These are things that are all non-negotiable for the 2011 year. There are a few other things as well that are on that list. These are things that will happen.

2011 will be MY year!

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