Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life and Stuff

Ahhh! Life has been moving at such a crazy pace that I wonder how I have any time to breathe.

We moved this past week. We spent all day Tuesday loading, unloading, and then reloading and unloading, the Uhaul truck. It was an exhausting day, one that left the kids in meltdown mode for 24 hours after the fact.

Life is slowly getting back to normal now. I had to cut back on work the past few weeks to deal with other things in life that were demanding my immediate attention. And now that those things have been dealt with, I am looking forward to jumping feet first back into work. I have spent a lot of time writing lately, on both of my blogs as well as my new fiction book. I am hoping to get a start on my non-fiction book soon as well.

The kids are doing well. Damien is still living with his dad for now and is doing good in school. It has definately been hard having him away. I wish things could be different. We all miss him. But, hopefully, it won't be this way for long.

Morgan got her ears pierced a couple weeks ago. She took it like a tropper and only cried at the end when both ears were pierced. She shows anyone who will pay attention to her, her earrings.

Aidan is turning into a tiny version of Damien. I see so much of Damien in Aidan. It is hard to believe that in August 2011, Aidan will be going into kindergarten. It goes by so fast.

Noah is a lean mean walking machine. When we moved, we ditched the playpen. He was constantly climbing out of it. We have to move him to a toddler bed soon, as it won't be long before he is trying to climb out of his crib.

As for me, well I am doing the best that I can. The stress of life gets to me sometimes. I do my best to keep my head held high because, as long as I am happy with the way that I am living life, then no one else should matter. Although, it appears that there is no shortage of people who wish to bring me down. Whatever.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Life .. life flies by! I remember my daughter she has had her ears pierced like three times now! Always leaving earrings out, closing up . ... she's almost 8 .. Hope you had a great weekend!


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