Friday, October 8, 2010

Today, My Kids Ran Away

I considered not posting this, you know in case it jepordizes my parent of the year award ;) But, I am not winning any here goes...

Aidan and Morgan are 4 and 3 respectively. One of the reasons we chose this house was for the fenced in back yard. I wanted the kids to be able to play outside without me hovering over them. It also allowed for Noah to be able to play freely as well.

I will admit, I leave them outside for short periods of time. I can hear them through the window and check on them often. And it usually isn't for more then a few minutes at the time (See, told ya I wasn't winning any awards) But, I bought locks for the they can't get out.

Well today I learned that even if the gates are locked, the kids can still run away.

I went outside to grab Noah to check his diaper and brought him inside. I then decided it was time to get ready for dinner so, went back to get Aidan and Morgan. They weren't there.

After yelling for them that "this isn't funny" I realized that their bikes were pushed against the back fence.

Yeah, you guessed it, my resourceful preschoolers figured if they couldn't go through the gate, they would go over it.

I called my husband. I walked the block yellling for them. I was that parent for a few minutes...I stopped a kid on a skateboard who hadn't seen them, but would bring them back if he did. I met an old lady who had just seen them, if they came back they would bring them home. We found them a short time later. In the neighbors yard. Playing on their slide.

The neighbor is nice. He said the kids could play over there whenever they wanted. I learned that we live in a truly family friendly neighborhood, where people will help you. No one thought I was a bad parent. They understood. Because they had, or have, kids that age.

It was a moment I never want to relive. For 15 minutes I didn't know where my kids were.

Oh, and for the record..they are grounded...

Until they are 21

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  1. 3 and 4? Are you kidding me? You're lucky I'm not your neighbor because I would have called CPS faster than you can change a diaper. I NEVER left my kids unattended outside at that age! You should be ashamed! And THEY'RE grounded? I have only two words for you. PARENTING CLASSES.

  2. How dare someone leave the above comment (no wonder they left it as anonymous). Our society today is unbelievably inundated with helicopter parents, that hover and "protect" their children to no end. I'm more of a free range parent myself (and no, that does not mean just too lazy to watch over them constantly). I want them to play and explore without me critiquing their every move to make sure they are "safe". Letting a 3 and 4 year old outside in their FENCED backyard is completely acceptable. I agree that it might not be the case in some areas, but YOU KNOW your area. And you know YOUR KIDS (a little better now, right :). Please don't judge. Get a grip.

  3. And one more thing...whoever says "You're lucky I'm not your neighbor because I would have called CPS faster than you can change a diaper.", is completely self absorbed and nasty. Wouldn't the better approach be to HELP you or talk to you about their concerns? A society that races to call authorities about something like this, but would not talk with their negihbor about it, is in real trouble. I AM lucky you are not my neighbor, and I'm feeling sorry for whoever is.


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