Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall is in the air

Today was finally a "feels like fall" day. The last couple of days it has been hot. Figures it would get hot after the summer clothes had been relegated to depths of the closets.

Life here is settling into somewhat of a normal feel. After a summer that was filled with stress, hard choices, and many, many tears, I am glad that life here is starting to feel normal.*

(*Not that this is a normal that I ever want to get used to, but it is a normal that is okay for now)

Noah went from an unsure and unsteady walker to a running at full speed toddler in the two weeks that we have lived in our new home. It is fun, yet exhausting at the same time. He never slows down. Ever. Luckily, Aidan and Morgan love playing with him, so the three of them enjoy seeing what kind of trouble they can get into.

Speaking of trouble, last week Morgan and Aidan found a way to escape from a fenced in back yard with locked gates. The following day, they pushed out their screen in their room and climbed out the window. I would say that those two are going to give me a run for my money when they are older...but that is already happening. (Before you flame me...we just moved in here and didn't realize that the one window was missing a has since been replaced.) They keep life interesting.

I am doing fantasic! When is the last time I could say that? It has been a while, that is for sure. I just starting going to the gym and am finally seeing success in my weightloss journey (you can read about that journey here) I have a mountain of projects to work on. Three books in various stages, and my business that needs running. Life is definately chaotic.

I have pictures to share, as soon as I find my card reader. Ah, the joys of trying to get settled into the new house!

This weekend we are *hopefully* heading to a local apple orchard with all four kiddos. We also need to decide what everyone wants to be for halloween. Aidan has changed his name no fewer then 6 times..and that was just today ;)

Have a wonderful night :)

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