Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reminders and Recharging

There is a new country song out by John Michael Montgomery called "Breath You Take" I love that song. It is a reminder to slow down and enjoy life. Because, you might just miss it if you don't.

Life has been pretty nuts here. Between books that need writing, outlines that need outlining, buisness projects, an upcoming trip to Chicago (my first EVER invite for a blogging event) the kids, finances, and just life... sometimes I forget to breathe. Sometimes I forget that at the end of the day...none of that matters if I miss what really matters.

That point was driven home this afternoon. The kids were being especially rowdy and I was feeling extra stressed out. So, we got our shoes on and trekked to our local park. (The big park is now in walking distance). Within moments of leaving the house, the kids found a massive amount of leaves on the sidewalk and were playing in them, laughing hysterically. I laughed with them. The stress started melting away. We crossed the bridge over the river, Aidan and Morgan pretending to be pirates. They marvaled at the planes in the skies. Stopped when they heard trains in distance. Once we got to the park, they were off. Leaving me to chase Noah up and down the hills.

I watched them play. I felt renewed. Morgan was no longer this timid little girl. She was running full tilt across the playground, laughing the entire time. Aidan had morphed into this kind and thoughtful big brother, who always made sure Morgan was never left behind. For two hours they played and laughed. The smiles never left their faces. Noah was pretty happy as well.

On the way back home, Morgan walked with her arm around Aidan. They both were still grinning. Truth be told, so was I.

I need this afternoon. A moment to just appreciate the life that I have.  A moment to really appreciate the things that truly matter. For those two hours, I didn't think about work, or finances, or my upcoming business trip to Chicago.

It really is about the moments that take your breath away...

I was glad to have that moment.

(as soon as I find my card reader pictures are coming!)

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