Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Accountability. I loathe that word. My mom always used to tell me "You need to have accountability for your actions" This was usually said right before I was about to be grounded for yet another week.

But, my mom was right. (Thankfully she doesn't read this so she will never know she was right) Accountability is a hugely important part of our day to day lives. We need to be accountable for the things we do, the things we say, and how we act.

I need to have some accountability. For a long time now, I have been saying that I am going to loose weight. And I want to...I have to. There is no other way about it. I. Am. Fat. The physical toll of carrying around this weight is huge. My back, knees, ankles and legs hurt. My seven year old can beat me in a race. My butt is almost too big for the slides at the park.

So, in an effort to be more accountable for the things that I say...i am buying a swimsuit. But not just any swimsuit. I have picked out a "tankini"--2 sizes too small. And I am buying it. And I am going to wear it. I will not be buying a bigger swimming suit. So if I want to join my kids in the pool this summer..I am going to have to bust my butt.

But, I can do this.

I will be chronicling my weightloss journey here and also on my blog Diary Of A Fat Mom. Feel free to join me over there to see how I am doing!!

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  1. That's great Melissa! I need to lose weight too! I'm here if you need some help! or just to bitch!


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