Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why 3 year olds and T.V news cameras don't mix

Sitting in line to pick up Damien from school today, I noticed a local tv news crew filming. "Cool" I thought. Then " I hope the don't interview me." I am a shy creature. Plus, I am sick and look like crap. Lo and behold, she asked to interview me. Because I have such a hard time saying no, I agreed. Hoped that I didn't look too bad and answered all her questions.

Things were going smoothly. Then it happened.

"Mommy?" I ignored the voice coming from the back seat.

"Moooommmmmyyyyy?" I still focused on the news reporter, ignoring Aidan. Which was about to become a mistake of epic proportions.

"MOMMMYYYYY!!!!" I turned to look at him

"I farted"

Yes, the camera was still rolling. Yes it was pointed at his face. And yes he just announced to the world that he farted.

As I tried to hide my embarassment, I thanked the good Lord that this interview was not live and that the people at the editing booth had ample time to edit it out.

An hour later, my 3 year old is still living it up. He thinks it is the funniest thing ever that he said he farted on camera.

Yea, really funny Aidan.

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