Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday! is a fun blog carnival started by MckMama. Join in by linking up on her blog and sharing your own Not Me Monday!

I did not get sick, again, and do nothing around the house for a week. I am more organized then that. I also did not get an abcessed tooth and take way more then the reccomended amount of pain medication and spend 2 days getting sick. I am also not putting off going to the dentist.

I did not decide at 5 am Black Friday that I needed to go to Wal-mart for three toys and a movie. I also did not decide to spend the rest of the morning and afternoon shopping until I was so exhausted, I could cry.

I did not get pulled over for speeding enroute to picking up my sister in law on Friday. I also did not admit to the cop that I had no idea why I was pulled over and no, I didn't see the speed limit sign. (I did, however, get off with just a warning)

My son did not announce in Wal-mart that I needed to pay for an item that had gotten lost under the car seat "So you don't get in trouble with the police again Mom!!" loudly, prompting, I am sure, the cashier to wonder if I had anything stuffed in the baby's diaper.

I did not spend the entire weekend shopping. I also don't have alot more shopping to do.

Not Me. I wouldn't spend money that way


  1. Okay that is just funny!! Seriously where do our kids come up with this stuff??

  2. Woo hoo for getting off without a ticket! I am never able to make that happen... and my husband's a sheriff's deputy. What's wrong with me?



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