Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Noah got his shots today

For the past few months I have tried to silence the nagging in the nether regions of my brain reguarding Noah. He was an early baby and a small baby. And nearly everyone we encountered over the last few months swore that Noah would have developmental delays because of this. And while I like to consider myself a seasoned mom, hey having 4 kids makes me seasoned, right, I was still starting to worry. What would I do? How would we deal with a developmentally delayed baby?

Noah, thankfully, has been oblivious to my worrying. Chugging right along. Hitting milestones. Being a happy baby.

Today we hauled the clan into the doctors office, which I might add, takes alot of planning. I managed to get an early appointment, before nap, which met that the kids were in a better mood. (Not that it helped their behaviors at all)

I love my dr's office. I love all the nurses and the drs there. I knew that they would tell it to me straight if there was an issue with Noah.

Nurse came in...Noah weighs 13pds 40z and is just bit over 24 inches tall...2feet already and a foot away from being able to ride the kiddie rides at the fair...

Next the doctor comes in. I prepare to hear the worse. He asks me how Noah is doing. I proudly tell him about all of Noah's accomplishments..

"He holds his bottle, sorta, rolls over, pushes up on his knees, babbles a storm and laughs" "Good" "Oh yea, he also rolls all over the room"

The dr looked at me..."You mean, he rolls from front to back as well?"

"yes" ummm....isn't this supposed to happen, I think.

"Well it looks like Noah is an overachiever, he is ahead of schedule."

Ahead? My little baby that I just knew was going to have issues....ahead?

I was a proud mamma at the moment...I was thrilled to hear that Noah was doing great. On track (and a little ahead). proud mamma moment didn't last...

As I quietly snuck to the corner as the nurse prepared to vaccinate my son I thought to myself....

I am such a wimp.

I. Don't. Do.Needles. Ever.

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  1. Awww.... I love proud Mama moments!! So proud Noah is advancing so well. Four kids to get ready? Oh gosh, I have three and I know how hard it can be to get them all to corporate to go somewhere, I also do early morning appt's when possible because come afternoon my 3 year old is in a BAD mood (he doesn't nap anymore).

    I am a wimp with shots even when my 7 year old gets them!!! HUGS!


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