Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is the T.V destroyed.

Yesterday, while sitting at the desk, planning out my workload for the coming month (I feel so good that I did that) I hear a crash. I think nothing of it. I do have toddlers you know. Then the sound of tears. But not the OMG I AM HURT tears. At that time, my husband calls and Aidan comes up stairs crying. He's mumbling something. "Mommy is on the phone, go back downstairs and play with your sister" and away he goes...never letting on that anything is wrong.

I am chatting with my husband who is telling me his work schedule for Thanksgiving weekend (Yes, I am happy) when Damien comes home. "Run downstairs and check on them would ya?" And away he goes...



So I run downstairs, only then remembering I haven't seen nor heard Morgan...and then Aidan's recent tear filled eyes.

My husband is saying there is no way they could have done it. I am thinking You don't know your kids Buddy

Sure enough, the big 5 drawer dresser is tipped over, its contents spewed across the floor. "Where's Morgan!?!"

I am looking around frantically...

I find her, behind the dresser, thankfully ok and butt naked....

The first question my husband asks....

"Is the T.V destroyed?"

Yes your kids are o.k

(And yes the T.V was fine, this happend in Morgan's room...the room without the T.V)

So how do 2 toddlers manage to tip over a semi-full, large 5 drawer dresser one might ask?

It's simple....

Aidan scales the smaller dresser beside it, climbs to the top of the larger one, stands up and then uses his weight to tip the dresser over

That is he was crying....

So, I am headed to Lowes at some point and getting hardware to bolt the dresser to the wall...

Or wrapping the kids in bubble wrap

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