Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time off

Taking time off, from whatever it is that you do, is a good thing. I have such a hard time completely taking time off. Meaning that while I may not be writing articles or reviewing products or *shhh* working on my newest project, I am still mentally going over the things that I need to do. My husband often yells at me to stop it, because when we are out, I will say "when we get home we need to do A, B and C" and he is all "why cant you just enjoy your time with us?"

He has a point. Worrying about a deadline, or dirty laundry or dishes isn't going to get them done any faster. I need to take time off to recoup, regroup and re organize my thoughts. I am much more productive as a wife, mother and writer this way.

So this Thanksgiving weekend, I have taken time off from all of the "pressing" things that need to be done. Instead I went shopping and out to eat, spent time with a friend and tomorrow will be doing more shopping and then taking the kids to get their first real christmas tree ever.

Sure, I am planning my next weeks work when I have a few moments. But more oft then not I am finding myself spending those moments playing World Of Warcraft.

I am feeling more refreshed and I am sure, come Monday, I will be ready to hit the grounding running.

It's ok to take time off...

Try it...

You may like it!

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  1. Good idea to take time off! I am planning on doing that soon too! Just need to walk away a bit and enjoy life :-)


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